The Cayman Islands saw a weekend full of unforgettable entertainment as it hosted the third annual Out of This World Music Fest during the first weekend of June. The celebration brought a lineup of musical legends who graced the stage and left the audience hype! Regardless of the weather conditions, an immense number of music enthusiasts, including Caymanians and people from all over the world, flocked to Festival Green in Camana Bay to enjoy outstanding performances by renowned artists such as Sean Paul, Busta Rhymes, Elephant Man, and Patrice Roberts. 

It may have poured earlier in the day, but the skies cleared up in time for the performances to begin. Patrice Roberts, a prominent Soca artist from Trinidad, set the tone for the evening by exuberantly performing her popular songs “Carry On” and “Mind My Business.” 

Roberts enjoyed performing at the Out of This World Music Fest. “It feels amazing. I know where I started. I started with Machel [Montano] touring the world, looking at him, and now I am in festivals,” she told Travel Noire. “It is amazing. It shows that my music is reaching so many people. I am breaking barriers, and fans have supported me. I feel honored. To represent Trinidad is an honor. I would do it all over again if I had to.” 

The mood was electric as the dancehall legend Elephant Man took the stage, shouting his timeless classics such as “Pon De River, Pon De Bank.” The enthusiastic fans, waving their national flags with pride, eagerly interacted with the artist, keeping the energy levels high throughout the performance. 

In addition, this was the first time in Cayman Islands history that famed rapper Busta Rhymes had ever performed and visited. Since this year marks the 50th anniversary of hip-hop, the performance was entirely appropriate. Busta energetically sprayed champagne over the audience towards the end of his show when he performed his classic party record “Pass the Courvoisier” and professed his appreciation for the Cayman Islands. 

The audience was now eagerly anticipating the performance of the headlining artist, Sean Paul. The Jamaican dancehall and reggae icon was just as psyched to take the stage as the fans in attendance. According to Travel Noire, Paul remarked that “as a dancehall artist, you have to bring the energy” because Caribbean events are “very close to the culture, and they go hard.” 

Paul was more than happy to perform in the Cayman Islands. “It’s important for me to perform in Cayman because they were one of the first territories that paid attention to this new genre of dancehall when it first started, as well as my career,” he added. “Cayman was one of the territories outside of Jamaica that supported my career. I went there a few times early in my career for shows, and it’s always been love.” 

Paul rocked the stage for over an hour, ripping out fan favorites including “Like Glue,” “Gimme the Light,” “I’m Still In Love with You,” and “Temperature.” Through his affirming comments and lively performance, he kept the show’s momentum flowing strong for Cayman the whole time, notes the outlet. 

Busta Rhymes stepped out at the end of his set, and the two performers shared a moving, brotherly embrace as the ecstatic crowd snapped photos on their phones. 

 Those interested in or native to the Caribbean will enjoy the live performances of Out of This World Music Fest. Get June 1st, 2024, blocked off on your calendars for the next festival, which will be held in Camana Bay for the fourth time. 


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