In the heart of Ohio, a unique health center founded by two dynamic Black women is redefining the way healthcare is delivered to the local community. 

 Dàna M. Langford and Tenisha Gaines, the visionary founders, have ushered in a new era of high-quality healthcare services tailored specifically to the needs of Black women. The Village of Healing, their groundbreaking establishment in Euclid, aims to make healthcare not just accessible but also relatable. 

The ethos of The Village of Healing is eloquently summarized on their website, where they express their unwavering commitment to serving the community with healthcare that reflects the faces of those it serves.  

The key to their innovative approach lies in the dedicated team of Black women who staff the practice, providing a comprehensive range of health services. From gynecology and obstetrics to mental health services, vaccines, and even telehealth, they’ve got it all covered. 

For nurse practitioner Renee’ Makupson, who is part of the team, the experience is deeply fulfilling: “It feels good to work with my people, to be able to help my people and be able to relate to my people at the same time,” said nurse practitioner Renee’ Makupson, according to Spectrum News 1.   

The visionaries behind this health center, Langford and Gaines, had a profound mission in mind when they embarked on this journey. They aimed to address the alarming racial disparities in maternal and infant health that Black women and children often face.  

Their approach is rooted in putting the patient at the center of their care, with a keen focus on understanding and respecting the cultural and social nuances that are often overlooked. 

Beyond healthcare, The Village of Healing stands as a beacon of hope for Black women in their community. Their commitment extends to building a stronger, more empowered community where women can thrive personally and professionally. 

 Through mentorship and transformative programs, they are creating a nurturing space for growth. The Mother-to-Mother Mentorship Program, for example, provides one-on-one support for Black mothers navigating maternal mental health complications.  

In the words of the program, “We understand the unique challenges that mothers may face during this critical time, and our compassionate mentors offer guidance, empathy, and understanding to empower these women through their journey”. 

The Black Professional Women’s Group (BPWG) is another vital initiative, inviting women aged 30 and older with bachelor’s degrees or higher to connect with fellow professionals and share their experiences. 

 BPWG’s mission is centered on healing and nurturing a supportive community where women can embrace their journeys and uplift one another. 

Langford and Gaines, with their extensive experience and tireless commitment, founded The Village of Healing in 2019, collaborating with other Black-led organizations.  


Their mission was catalyzed by a stark reality: in 2020, a study published by The Institute for Women’s Policy Research named Cleveland as the fifth worst city in the United States for Black women. In response, The Village of Healing stands as an inspiring counterforce, offering comprehensive, culturally sensitive care and community empowerment. 




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