Transitioning from Boutique Owner to Inventor ,Christina Rogers embarked on a transformative journey twelve years ago, leaving her Houston hometown behind to forge a new path in Los Angeles.

To Christina, Los Angeles offered a realm of possibilities to chase after her creative aspirations. 

“I think being out here is totally different…you wake up and it’s a playground for entrepreneurs.”  

– Christina Rogers 

Initially, Rogers delved into songwriting before transitioning to the hospitality industry. As her Instagram following steadily swelled, she astutely transformed it into a thriving business. 

For eight years, Rogers masterfully managed her online boutique, Shop Chriss Zoe, until 2020. Faced with a saturated market, she yearned to channel her energy into a novel pursuit. 

 After a year of contemplation and seven months of meticulous preparation, she emerged as a bonafide inventor through intensive research. 

“I think it’s pretty cool. Honestly, I don’t think it’s hit yet,” she said about being an inventor. 


Rogers created The Protective Mouth Grill through her company Ease: an online store that offers unique pieces. According to the site, she believes that “the strongest people who have something to say are the quietest ones in the room who tend to express themselves through forms of art.” 

The Protective Mouth Grill, which is currently patent pending, contains a retainer inside of the grill to protect one’s teeth against metal exposure. Rogers wanted to create something that’s never been done before. 

Over 100 Units Sold 

The Protective Mouth Grill made its debut in the market during the summer, with an initial price point of $130. To Rogers’ surprise, her work quickly gained widespread attention, resulting in the sale of over 100 units. 

“I did not expect it to go viral,” she said. “I was like oh shit I got something on my hands.”   

Realistically, Rogers acknowledges that her business is still in its infancy, and she doesn’t expect everyone to immediately embrace it.  

Nevertheless, she has noticed a significant level of interest in her product. In fact, she revealed that every two weeks, abandoned shopping carts on her website amount to approximately $2 million. 

Currently, Ease is entirely self-funded by Rogers, and she foresees it becoming another prosperous addition to her entrepreneurial journey. 

“Your desires come from God and God will see you through it,” she said.

Forming Alliances with Dentists and Jewelers 

Rogers is forging partnerships with dentists to ensure her customers receive top-tier service. In the near future, Ease will introduce subscription services for customers to schedule dental appointments. For Rogers, it’s not just about fashion; it’s also about promoting good health. 

Collaborating with a jeweler in Houston, she collaboratively created The Protective Mouth Grills. Once Rogers secures her patent, she intends to share the production process with the public. 


A Legacy of Entrepreneurship 

Entrepreneurial spirit courses through Rogers’ family. During her upbringing, Rogers and her sister never witnessed their mother in a conventional job. Her mother dabbled in event planning, fashion, singing, and more. 

Seeing her mother successfully navigate diverse endeavors, Rogers realized she could pursue her dreams in life. 

“It was easy to catch on because we were used to it,” Rogers commented. 

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