Meet the Lawrence siblings, a remarkable group of six sisters from New York City who are now jointly pursuing their dreams of becoming nurses, despite nearly a decade of homelessness. 

In 2013, their parents, David and Yonette, lost their home in Queens, New York City. From that point on, the family moved from one relative’s or friend’s home to another, navigating the challenges of being homeless, as they revealed to People. 

“It was challenging,” said 24-year-old Lauren. “There were a lot of very bumpy, depressing times.”   

Two years into this adversity, their father resolved not to let their circumstances impede their education. The sisters had struggled to attend school consistently due to the constant relocations, so they enrolled in a homeschool program with the hope of earning their GEDs. 

“He didn’t want what we were going through to hold us back,” said 25-year-old Dominique.   

The Lawrence sisters, against all odds, persevered. In 2019, all six achieved their GEDs. Subsequently, they attended Nassau Community College and ultimately graduated from SUNY Old Westbury with bachelor’s degrees in public health in May. 

“It’s been quite an adventure,” said 22-year-old Danielle. “But what really pulled us through is our faith in God and in each other.”   

These sisters, now ranging in age from 19 to 25, are just getting started. In August, they embarked on a master’s program in public health at SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University and have plans to attend nursing school in the future. 

Their father is understandably proud of his daughters, who have turned their dreams into reality despite the challenges of their tumultuous childhood. 

“I’m so happy they they’ve done this together,” said David. “I always tell them, ‘Life’s not fair. And when it throws you a curveball, you gotta adjust to it and keep going.’   




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