Los month of October is in full swing, and the city of Los Angeles is embracing the fashion community with its signature mid-80° weather. 

 LA Fashion Week, though smaller in scale compared to its counterparts, returns after being acquired by N4xt Experiences in 2022. The event features some of the industry’s most promising designers, including Sergio Hudson, Claude Kameni, and No Sesso. 

Closing out the third day of the fashion extravaganza with a Spring/Summer ’24 runway show is Edvin Thompson, the recipient of the CFDA award, showcasing his brand, Theophilio.  

On a Friday night, Theophilio transported the essence of the Caribbean to the Pacific Coast with its latest collection, “Out of Many, One People,” which is inspired by Thompson’s Jamaican heritage. Reflecting on bringing this idea to Los Angeles, Thompson expands, “With Theophilio, I always think that Jamaica is all over the globe. There are little pockets of Jamaica everywhere, so it’s really nice to bring Jamaica to LA Fashion Week.”    

The audience, filled with fashion enthusiasts, influencers, and first-time attendees, exuded an infectious energy, perhaps influenced by the relaxed vibes of island life or Southern California’s easygoing demeanor. 

A diverse array of individuals from the art community came out to support the show, including Shaun Ross, Jesse Williams, Guapdad 4000, Jeniece Blanchet, and the iconic fashion influencer, Law Roach. 


An audience member seated at the front row toward the end of the catwalk exclaimed, “This is my first fashion show!” As Thompson explained before the show, this is what it’s all about: expansion, brand awareness, and inclusivity.  

He shared his goal of using LAFW as a platform to create more opportunities for designers to celebrate diverse identities and stories through fashion. 

“It’s not just about myself; it goes back to ‘Out of Many, One People’, we’re being inclusive,” he shares. “We are here to celebrate and feel good and that’s the whole idea behind Theophilio. We want to [through fashion] champion the best versions of ourselves. Clothes are one of the tools I use to communicate with people, to communicate with the world.”      

                                                                                                                                                                                                               KOHL MURDOCK

The conversation curated by Thompson that Friday night was warmly received by all in attendance. The set was adorned in vibrant yellow, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. 

 Under the glow of the lights, Theophilio brought the vibrant stories of the Jamaican diaspora to center stage. The runway featured a menswear ensemble with a sequined trench coat, light blue trousers, and the brand’s iconic “I Love TP ” bedazzled shirt, among other creative designs. 


                                                                    KOHL MURDOCK

In contrast to other fashion weeks, LAFW is structured more like an exhibition, hosted at one primary venue with multiple events happening concurrently. 

 Earlier on the same evening, several activations allowed guests to immerse themselves in the world of fashion. One standout presentation was Advisry’s “City of Trees,” celebrating the brand’s 10th anniversary and presenting its latest collection. 

 Keith Herron, the founder and designer of Advisry, aimed to immerse people in the world that inspired his creative journey. 

“City of Trees” pays homage to Sacramento, Herron’s hometown, where his creativity and passions were nurtured. Advisry has always been a multidisciplinary brand, using film, art installations, and clothing collections to tell a compelling story. 

 Herron, reflecting on his creative journey, noted, “It’s very natural. I never pressure myself to make a decision, I just go by what feels best and what I’m gravitating towards. I think this [presentation] is evidence of that.” Herron, surrounded by ten years of creative exploration in the making, reflects on his hopes for the years to come, “ [I hope to] keep making projects that inspire me and in turn hopefully inspire others.”    

The essence of LA Fashion Week lies in its innovation. Ciarra Pardo, co-owner of N4xt Experiences and LAFW, is committed to creating a platform that encourages designers and creatives to be as expansive as they want in their presentations. 

 Alongside traditional runway shows and fashion presentations, LAFW offers exhibits, interactive experiences, and brand-sponsored installations, providing a direct-to-consumer platform for designers. 

To stay at the forefront of the global fashion scene, LAFW is forging its unique path by showcasing innovative brands like Advisry and Theophilio, establishing its distinct voice in the industry. 


SOURCE: essence.com 

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