For 14 years, Sheila Brown cultivated her career in radio at WUFO, where she had worked since the 1980s. She left when the management changed but vowed to return one day. After eight years, she did just that, purchasing the station. 

Her journey was not without its share of obstacles. Banks and credit unions rejected her funding requests multiple times before she finally found individuals who believed in her from the outset. She expressed profound gratitude to her family for the nurturing upbringing and unwavering support system that fueled her determination. 

“My uncles coming to see us would go, ‘hey, here comes our superstar.’ Not saying it to boost me, but just positive affirmation, so I never was afraid of anything I was going to do,” Brown told WIVB 4. 

As the new owner of WUFO, she elevated the radio station to new heights by introducing an FMFM channel in collaboration with Power 96.5. This move brought forth fresh opportunities for various individuals, including influencers and radio DJs. 

Her aspirations include further expanding the brand and becoming a published author while simultaneously paving the way for more Black women to realize their dreams. 

During an interview in 2021 with WIVB 4 Brown said “It feels good, but it’s sad in 2021 we’re still talking about the first of anything, but I’m just proud that the Lord used me to be the first woman of color to own a radio station. The Vice President said she might be the first but not the last, so my goal is to prepare other people,”. 




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