Adunni Adelowo, a woman whose life story embodies resilience and compassion, has established Voices of the Single Mothers Organization to address the hardships faced by single mothers in Nigeria.  

Adunni’s personal journey, marked by challenges and triumphs, serves as the driving force behind her mission to empower and support single mothers in need. 

Born in America and influenced by her Nigerian heritage through her husband and friends, Adunni’s upbringing was shaped by the complexities of navigating two cultures. 

 Despite facing personal struggles, including the loss of her biological mother and health challenges of her own, Adunni found solace in her adopted family and developed a deep-seated empathy for those facing similar hardships. 

Driven by her own experiences and a desire to make a difference, Adunni adopted six children, fostering a loving and supportive environment despite limited resources. Her journey to motherhood ignited a passion for helping others and a commitment to improving the lives of single mothers and their families. 

Voices of the Single Mothers Organization was born out of Adunni’s frustration with the lack of support available to single mothers in Nigeria. Drawing from her own experiences and observations, she recognized the urgent need for comprehensive assistance tailored to the unique challenges faced by single mothers. 

In a historic move, Voices of the Single Mothers Organization is embarking on an ambitious project to construct a transformative support center with an estimated budget of $900 billion. This state-of-the-art facility will serve as a sanctuary for single mothers and their families, offering shelter, education, job training, and a range of essential services aimed at promoting stability and self-sufficiency. 

Unlike existing community organizations, Voices of the Single Mothers Organization takes a holistic approach to support, addressing financial, emotional, and societal barriers to stability. Through a range of programs and services, including shelter, education, and job training, Adunni aims to empower single mothers and pave the way for a brighter future for their families. 

Adunni invites individuals, businesses, and government leaders to join her in this vital mission of empowering single mothers and building stronger, more resilient communities. Donations are being accepted via the organization’s GoFundMe page. 

The organization can also be supported by purchasing a $5 bottle of Purchase4Purpose Scalp Oil from Etsy. 

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Voices of the Single Mothers Organization, founded by Adunni Adelowo, provides holistic support to single mothers in Nigeria and the Nashville community. By addressing financial, emotional, and societal challenges, the organization aims to empower single mothers and promote stability for their families, bridging the gap left by inadequate governmental support. 



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