Zoey Williams, a 27-year-old hailing from Ontario, Canada, who has carved her name in aviation history as Air Canada’s pioneering Black female pilot to command a Boeing 777. Notably, she’s been recognized among the prestigious Top 20 Under 40 by Wings Magazine. 

Growing up amidst the adventures of her pilot father, Zoey’s childhood was a tapestry of global travels. Despite her upbringing, she initially veered away from piloting due to the erratic schedules, focusing instead on the engineering facets of aviation, as revealed in her interview with Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. 

However, a pivotal moment during a nerve-wracking flight on a Cessna ignited Zoey’s determination to confront her fears and pursue flight training. By the tender age of 19, she had earned her wings as a certified flight instructor. 

Zoey’s journey in the aviation realm has been diverse, encompassing challenging roles such as navigating the Beechcraft 1900 in demanding conditions. She distinguished herself as a First Officer for Sky Regional Airlines before transitioning to Air Transat. 

Despite the pandemic-induced upheavals, Zoey persevered, concurrently pursuing an MBA in Aviation from Embry-Riddle while exploring entrepreneurial ventures, from establishing a short-term rental business to piloting a Boeing 737 for Flair Airlines. 

Her odyssey eventually led her to Air Canada, where she achieved a significant milestone by piloting alongside her father on the Boeing 777. Her accomplishments have been spotlighted in promotional videos by Air Canada and Elevate Aviation’s 2023 Women of Inspire initiative. 

Beyond her aviation prowess, Zoey is a polymath, captivating audiences with her musical talents across various platforms. Additionally, she’s set to inspire young minds through her upcoming book, “Go Where You Belong,” which seeks to ignite passion and purpose among the youth. 

 “If you have a burning desire to do something, don’t bury it. Keep your focus, build your networks, share your goals and show your passion in everything you do. That’s how you can end up doing things you love day in and day out,” she said. 


Source: blacknews.com 

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