The historic Negro Motorist Greenbook once served as a guide to help Black travelers safely move about the country during Jim Crow and other eras when our kind wasn’t welcomed in certain towns or cities.

Businessmen, politicians, celebrities, and more referenced the book as they traveled to various gigs and appointments. Now, Martinique Lewis, a diversity travel consultant, has taken it upon herself to introduce the ABC Travel Greenbook app, which is inspired by the historic book. 

Based on her bestselling book of the same name, Lewis spent years researching Black-owned businesses, vendors, tour operators, and more across the globe. The goal is to provide Black travelers with one digital resource that collectively lists all things Black pertaining to travel.

The app was created to celebrate and serve Black culture and communities, while also strengthening local economies by circulating the Black dollar.  

“The Black travel movement is growing at an all-time high and Black travelers are injecting billions of dollars into the travel industry each year,” Lewis says. “The information in the Greenbook app helps travelers locate Black-owned businesses, communities, and events on six out of seven continents while staying safe in the current climate.” 

Strategic with the launch, the official release date is today, June 2nd, the three-year anniversary of Black Out Tuesday, when brands and people all over the world showed their solidarity in supporting the Black community and Black-owned businesses. 

“With the most recent sentiments echoing racism and prejudice in Florida and other destinations, the ABC Travel Greenbook app comes at a time when Black travelers are looking for a new ‘travel guide,’” the app creator explains. 


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