In a groundbreaking achievement, Dr. Hadiyah-Nicole Green has etched her name in history as the first doctor to successfully eradicate cancer in mice using laser-activated nanoparticles.

Renowned for her expertise in targeted cancer therapeutics, Dr. Green employs a revolutionary approach, integrating laser-activated nanoparticles and immunotherapies to create biomarker-specific platforms designed to pinpoint, visualize, and treat malignant tumors. 

The innovative method involves administering an FDA-approved drug containing nanoparticles that, when injected into the subject, causes cancer tumors to emit a distinctive glow when examined under imaging equipment. 

 Subsequently, the application of laser technology activates these nanoparticles by heating them, ensuring that only cancer cells are targeted during the procedure, leaving healthy cells unaffected. 

Dr. Green, a trailblazer in her field, holds the distinction of being one of the first African American women in the nation to attain a Ph.D. in physics. Notably, she is only the second African American woman and the fourth African American overall to receive a Ph.D. in physics from the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB). 

Beyond her academic achievements, Dr. Green is the visionary founder of the Ora Lee Smith Cancer Research Foundation. Named in honor of her aunt, who, faced with the harsh side effects of traditional chemotherapy and radiation treatments, chose not to undergo them, the foundation seeks to revolutionize cancer treatment.  

Driven by personal inspiration, Dr. Green successfully developed an alternative treatment method that eliminates the need for chemotherapy, radiation, or surgery. 

While Dr. Green’s accomplishments in curing cancer in animals mark a significant stride forward, her work is far from complete. The next frontier for her is translating these groundbreaking treatments from the laboratory to humans, with the goal of demonstrating their efficacy across various cancer models. 

 Dr. Hadiyah-Nicole Green’s unwavering dedication to transforming cancer treatment underscores her position as a true pioneer in medical science. 



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