No senior will experience inadequate care under the vigilant care of these five siblings.

The Grant siblings operate their own affordable housing and senior healthcare center known as The WellNest Co., catering to the needs of both their elderly family members and the cherished elderly individuals in the Bay Area community.

As reported by Essence, the siblings established their center in 2020 following the tragic loss of their grandmother, who passed away while under the care of a recommended facility, just 10 months after suffering a stroke. Later, when their father suffered a stroke, they came to the realization that the best care he could receive was provided by them.


“It just feels like a dream to be able to work with my family to care for my family, other families,” said Bobby Grant, who covers sales and business development for WellNest. “I absolutely love what I do,” Bobby said. “Our clients are an extension of our family, and we treat them that way. It’s baked into the foundation of our company mission.”

The WellNest Pod is an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) used as a backyard medical suite where the siblings’ father resides. “At the core out here in California, we have the ability to build what they call ADUs or accessory dwelling units, which basically is a guest house in your backyard,” said Bakari Grant, the youngest sibling and the company’s CEO.

“Now, with that concept, I think what we provide more than just an affordable price is we provide an asset to the family.” Bakari noted that affordable pricing is built into the company’s business model and allows customers more control over their assets to avoid issues such as liquidation or losing monthly lump sums of money.

 AWELLNEST POD POST ON INSTAGRAM: A WellNest Pod is a medical suite, a specially designed senior specific ADU that we build right in your backyard

Providing the senior community with the safest and highest quality of care resources is a priority at WellNest. “Our reputation precedes us in everything we do. We lead from that place of principle-based decisions, and honestly, we treat families the way we wanted our grandmother to be treated.”

The company stands firm on its mission by providing sustainable and renewable products and services.



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