A renowned advocacy group, ProjectAfricaNetwork has lamented over the barriers responsible for low or no support for Africa’s development from the diasporans. 

The Convener, ProjectAfricaNewtork, Tobe Godson, who spoke with Tribune Online on Tuesday, pointed to a lack of trust, support, and accountability on the part of African governments as the cause. 

Godson noted that there are many Africans doing extremely well abroad to the extent that their skills are needed back home but scared of what they could meet. 

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He cited the instance of Nigerians forming the higher percentage of Ph.D. holders in America, describing it as a testament to the unparalleled skills Africans got. 

According to him, more than half of the foreign direct investment that comes into Nigeria depletes or disappears because of a lack of accountability due to a lack of systems in place. 

Meanwhile, the convener explained that the advocacy Group has begun the encouragement, enlightenment, and empowerment of Africans on how best to relate their countries with outsiders. 

Godson further explained that a lot of Africans talk down on Africa even though they have good reasons to but it is something they should not. 

He said they are the ones selling their countries and Whatever they say about their individual countries is what the rest of the world will think about them. 

“A few of us came together and decided we needed to make a contribution to African development. 

“It was just a very simple idea that came to us because we thought a lot of Africans talk down on Africa. Unfortunately, we have good reasons to but it is something we should not. 

“This is because we are the ones selling our country. Whatever we say about our individual country is what the rest of the world will think about our individual country. 

“Despite the knowledge of things not working in our individual countries, it is our responsibility as ambassadors to make it look good. 

“Some of these countries we admire are not as amazing as we think they are because they get a lot of positive information going around. 

“It is only you that can sell your own and if you always talk down about your country, no matter how true it is that is the only impression they would get. 

“We should contribute to making it better rather than going around spreading negatives,” he said. 

Source: msn.com 

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